The Fun Fair Essay

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The fun fair Err! The smell of cigarette smoke and body odour overpowered my senses. I felt my stomach churning; I was spinning rapidly on the waltzers.The blazing bright flashing lights dazzled my eyes, booming music overpowered everything. I got off feeling sick; I could taste the nasty bitterness in my mouth. It was revolting. I grabbed my friend Deb as I went weak in the knees and my eye sight went hazy; it was so bad I thought my head was going to blow up. I went to get water. The smell of the greasy oily burgers and hotdogs sizzled away on the grill. I picked up the ice cold bottle, undid the lid and poured the refreshing water down my dry parched throat, trying to mask the taste of sick. Refreshed, I decided to go on the big wheel. It was huge. I grabbed the bar as I got closed in. My fear came upon me as I closed my eyes; as the wheel turned I got closer to the top. And then I opened them - I let out a scream, as I was so high up I could see over the whole fair. It was packed full of children eating pink fluffy sweet candyfloss, men shout “Roll up! Roll up!”, kids laughing and screaming. We were still turning on the wheel; I was less scared by now. When the ride jolted to a stop we got off. I went to find my mate Debra. I wandered around for a while looking everywhere but I couldn’t find her so I thought I’d go home. As I went down the side of the candyfloss van, she was with my boyfriend from the candyfloss van, kissing him! She didn’t see me at first, but when I confronted her she said nothing. I decided to go but she didn’t come with me, she carried on snogging MY boyfriend. I walked down to the chippy where I got a cone of chips. The smell of the bitter vinegar and tangy salt enticed me in; the taste of the fresh warm chips in my mouth was amazing, the bitter vinegar, the tingle

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