The Full English Breakfast

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THE FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST Motto: “And then to breakfast, with what appetite you have”, Shakespeare First and foremost the full English breakfast is a tradition, one practised from the early eighteen hundreds and peaking in the 1950′s post-war era when approximately half of the British population began their day with a traditional English breakfast. Like all great Victorian traditions the eating of full English breakfast can be an incredibly refined experience, it is easy to understand why the Victorians thought of the full English breakfast as the most civilised way to begin their day and it for this reason that the traditional English breakfast is still served in family kitchens, hotels and bed & breakfast’s across the United Kingdom. The traditional English breakfast is called a full breakfast for good reason. It is a substantial meal and generations of the British working classes started their day with a full English breakfast to provide themselves with the energy they needed in order to do a full days work. The full English breakfast is truly a national icon and was historically a tradition enjoyed by the working, middle and upper classes, it can be a beautifully presented breakfast feast fit for a King, or a staple for those with a long day’s work ahead and served in a greasy-spoon. It was the affluent Victorian middle and upper classes during the days of the Empire who first perfected the art of taking breakfast. In the early 1800′s they were accustomed to sitting down to the first meal of the day and eating from a wide selection of different breakfast dishes while drinking tea or coffee taken with sugar, historically ingredients brought from around the British Empire. Magnificent breakfasts consisted of smoked and honey cured back bacon, pink ham, fried tomato, fried mushrooms, little crisp

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