The Frog King vs Beauty and the Beast

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1. The Frog King, and Beauty and the Beast, among others, all relate to the idea of one royal marrying an initially less fortunate (in terms of appearance or economic/social stature) person. These folk tales are best described for dealing with life’s vital issues and that is where the drama can begin. Each story delves into rites of passage in some manner, for instance young women leaving their parents to marry and friendship they find with an unlikely candidates. Each story shows children grow up and learn to survive on their own to become adults and live happily ever after having survived very difficult situations, each lady making a deal for their time, love, etc. out of duress. The Frog King seems to endorse self-defiance and passion, rather than the liberating act of compassion found in Beauty and the Beast as the means of release from the spell cast by an evil witch to only be broken by a young lady. Set in a time when wishes still come true and the story of the Frog King also upholds the value of action by holding the princess to her words, just as Beast did with Bell in Beauty and the Beast. The display of anger in each tale from young ladies is very similar. The angry1ittle princess throwing the frog against the wall and Bell shunning and yelling at the beast for holding her captive if you will. Each story offers the exploration and concepts of conflict and transformation as well as deal with adolescent concerns in a positive, entertaining and motivating manner. 2. How would I define the struggle between Snow White and the stepmother in Grimm’s tale as a protagonist vs. antagonist? Angel-woman vs. monster-woman? Daughter vs. mother? In fairy tales the mother versus stepmother relationship is always the same. The birth mother is painted as a benevolent figure that can do no wrong and loves her children dearly, but for one reason or another
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