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The French Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: bevancouver
  • on May 18, 2011
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Below is an essay on "The French Revolution" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The French Revolution was a revolutionary thing that happened in the 17th century. Everyone was starving and France was horribly broke. While the rich people (who are basically the nobles and the royal people) are having the time of their lives putting together hilarious outfits that look like dresses, the rest of the people (approximately 98% of the rest of France) are horribly starving and are desperate for food. This essay will put you through on how the revolution happened. There are guillotines, tennis courts, women peasants with knives, and blood involved. Lot’s of blood. Now read on to find out the causes of the amazing and gory French Revolution!

France had three social classes. The 1st class consists of the king, the 2nd class consists of the nobles and clergy, and the 3rd is anyone who is not the king or noble or part of the church. Statistically speaking, that is 98% of the French population. France was still heavy on the absolute monarchy thing. That basically means the king rules everything because God told him to do so. At the same time a bunch of educated middle class men called philosophes got together and stated that rational thought should be the source of truth and authority instead of the interpreted will of the omnipotent God.

During that time, France was horribly broke. They were heavily in debt and the poor were starving. What made it worse? The 1st and 2nd class paid very little or no taxes while the 3rd class paid for all the taxes. That leaves the poor even more broke while the nobles were happily feasting and wearing those fancy clothing. Money spent on King Louis the 16th were taxed from the poor. His wife, Marie Antoinette, was an extremely heavy spender. She bought a ridiculous amount of jewels and clothing and even left the country more in debt.   The price of bread, which was their main staple diet, was unbelievably high. These made people extremely starved and angry, yet the King and Marie Antoinette didn’t do anything to fix...

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