The French Revolution Essay

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Year 11 Modern History Independent Essay Topic Question: To what extent did France’s involvement in American’s war of Independence contribute to the French Revolution. The French Revolution, known to be influential in Europe as the ideas of liberalism and nationalism has instigated most revolutions worldwide since 1945. The French revolution having indirect influence universal, providing the pattern for all revolutionary moments to come, this influence has since been incorporated into modern socialism and communism impacting the views of liberty all together. With July 14, 1789, 900 French workers and peasants stormed the Bastille Prison to take arms and ammunition, marking the beginning of the French Revolution. Before the 1800s the term ‘liberty’ was primarily a legal term denoting the opposite to ‘slavery’, acquiring a new political content the French Revolution itself was not animated by a single revolutionary programme. Unlike the English and American Revolutions, the French Revolution was the one in which the dominant ideas were those of Montesquieu, those expounded in L'Esprit des lois first published in 1753. Montesquieu claimed that a liberal constitutional monarchy was the best system of government for a people who treasured freedom, in believing that by dividing the sovereignty of the nation between several outlets of power, this providing a permanent check on any one of them becoming autocratic. Montesquieu suggested that the English had achieved this by sharing sovereignty between the Crown, Parliament and the law courts. Suggesting that the French would need, if they were to adopt the same idea make use of the estates which they were already familiar: the Crown, the aristocratic courts, the Church, the landed nobility and the chartered cities. Then the need for absolute monarchy came partly from France's continental position in the midst of

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