The French Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution was caused by many economic, social and political factors. France was divided into three classes, and the lowest class, also known as the Third Estate, bore most of the economical burden of the country, but it was given to importance in the political aspects of the country. Enlightenment was awakening the feelings of injustice in the hearts of the Third Estate, and gave them the feeling that they should rebel for their rights as citizens of France. The common people of France could not bear with the superfluous lives of their rulers and their incorrect judgements. Thus, in order to right all the wrongs that occurred in the past, the French Revolution was born. King Louis XVI, was an absolute monarch who enjoyed many liberties that the commoners of France couldn't.The political tensions amongst the king and his people sparked the revolution. As seen in Document 1, King Louis was able to imprison anyone he pleased which let the French commoners to detest him. These unjust imprisonments by the king led the French people to be outraged and caused the revolution. Not only was the king unjust, he and his family were very spendthrift. Document 2 shows that the Third Estate paid 100% of the taxes for the country even if they were the poorest people of their country.. This unfair treatment caused many commoners to starve and die. The king also started deficit spending which caused outrage in the common people. According to the video we watched in class, people resorted to stealing and killing each other to survive while the king spent the hard earned taxes on the American Revolution. The people were even more outraged when they saw their Queen Marie Antionette, to whom they gave the title “ Madame Deficit ”,spending their hard earned money upon ridiculous fashions. The unacceptable behaviour of the King and his family caused the people to speak up for

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