The French Revolution Essay

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The French revolution which was both a developing and violent time in France’s and Europe’s history broke out during the late 1700th century. France had been an absolute monarchy forever but the French people were starting to grow tired of the king and queen’s extravagant lifestyle in the midst of starvation. The revolution was a backlash to everything France stood for. During this time the foundation of our modern democratic society was established but still terror and war would follow as some of the leaders of the revolution became tyrants themselves. One example is Napoleon who took power in France after the revolution. The various reasons for the French Revolution are many and they will be brought up in this presentation. Kings, Queens and nobles still ruled Europe during the 18th century and the monarchies had almost absolute power. Enlightened despot of the time was Fredric II of Prussia, Josef II of Austria, Catherine II of Russia and Gustav III of Sweden. All of them where inspired by enlightenment ideas, but some became tyrants to gain more power for them. France was in the same situation, Louis XVI and his court had absolute power over France and its people. France was the second greatest colonial power in North America after England. However France had failed in the Indian war and had lost land earlier in the 1700s. The ancient regime, with King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, wasted enormous sums of money on warfare to support the American Revolution, building gardens and palaces, buying expensive clothes and furniture, but also to supply all the nobles which were depending on the royal family. Queen Marie Antoinette came from Austria, traditionally an enemy of France, which made her unpopular from the beginning. She also had a taste for parties, extravagant clothing and accessories, while as inequality between rich and poor were huge,

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