The French Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution is considered a turning point in history. The events that occurred during the revolution would reshape France, as well as impact other nations of the world. There were many political, economic as well as social aspects of French life which had a great influence on the revolutionary talk that was going around France at the time. King Louis XVI the reigning king of France at the time was getting extremely worries about all this talk about a revolution and new Enlightenment ideas being thrown around. Ultimately his worst fears would become reality. There were many causes of the French revolution however one of the major causes is an economic one. The Third Estate which made up 98% of France’s population was very displeased over the rights that had been given to them as a social class. Only the Third Estate had to pay taxes, while the First and Second Estates were exempt from all taxes. (Document 2) Another cause was one over political rights. Even though the Third Estate had the majority of the population, each Estate was given one vote in the Estates- General. This caused great political turmoil as the First and Second Estates would consistently outvote the Third on a variety of issues. (O.I) This would later cause the Third Estate to remove itself from the Estates-General and commit to the Tennis Court Oath in which a new governing body entitled the National Assembly was created. (O.I) This new governing body would enable drastic changes in the government long desired from the common people. They established a constitutional monarchy, as well as abolished Feudalism. (Document 4)These changes would be the first of many throughout the course of the French Revolution. The French Revolution had a dramatic impact on the lives of French citizens from the commoner to the nobility. One example of an event which had a colossal effect on the way

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