The French Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution is still considered to be one of the most drastic events throughout history. During the eighteenth century, France faced a severe financial crisis, which left its citizens suffer through poverty and famish. King Louis XVI could not manage France’s economy well, without minimizing the standard of living of the monarchs and the aristocrats. The main reason for the commencement of the French Revolution was due to the high taxation of the peasants and the middle class society, whereas the nobles did not pay taxes, and how the lower and middle class citizens felt about how little they were worth in their society, in addition to how the absolute monarchy in their country was destroying their lives. On July 14, 1789 a Paris mob entered the Bastille and slaughtered almost everyone there. King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, went into hiding, and in 1791 attempted to flee the country and go to Austria, Marie-Antoinette’s native country. However, they were captured and imprisoned then guillotined in public. The significance of the French Revolution is immense. The capture of King Louis XVI and his wife led to the downfall of the monarchy in France. Even though France suffered through a few more years of violence, its reform has been stable since then. It chose democracy, and developed a system where its people get to have a say on who gets to be their leader. The French Revolution did not only affect France, but also other European countries. After a very long struggle during and immediately subsequent to the revolution, France finally came to the understanding that men are all equal, and the idealism of liberty, equality, and fraternity defined France. Liberalism and nationalism emerged in Europe after the French Revolution, though it took time. Many historians believe that the French Revolution played a big role in the modernization of

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