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George Moore once said “The difficulty in life is the choice...” In other words, one faces many situations throughout life in which a choice must be made. Typically, the choice made defines the character and alters or affects the person’s path in life. Making a careless decision has the potential to destroy everything the character stands for and can lead to the decline of the individual’s sense of direction. However, a well thought out choice can liberate the soul from discontent even when the choice involves hurting others for the sake of saving yourself. I agree with this quote since reacting on impulse in a difficult situation is a lot simpler than thinking your next step through and basing your actions upon filtered and well thought out options. An analysis of literary elements in The Freedom Writers Diary, a nonfiction novel by The Freedom Writers and a fictional novel entitled The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald proves the validity of Moore’s lens. The Freedom Writers were one hundred fifty teen students who attended Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. Their teacher, Erin Gruwell, encouraged her students to write about their troubles and gave them an option to add in anything they felt a need to let out. The students maintained their writings in a journal and used them to express and better themselves and the way they treated others and saw the world around them. The reader notices that each one of the students deals with different obstacles that have shaped who the characters are and the way they act towards and around others. The Freedom Writers demonstrate the validity of the lens through the use of Dynamic characteristics. Many students are faced with difficult decisions in tough situations. Whether it’s bumping into a gang on the way home and deciding whether to run or fight, or witnessing a murder and choosing to tell the truth

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