The Franco-German European Union Essay

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The creation of the European Union in 1952 was due to the fact that Europeans wanted to create a better future and for another world war to never happen again. European integration and economic prosperity were key reasons why the EU was created. There are two main views on integration-the intergovernmentalist and the neo-functionalist discussions on how the EU functions. The quote “The history of the European Union shows that, at its heart, it is a Franco-German partnership…the EU is not a supranational organization”, is one prime example of how an intergovernmentlist views the EU. Based on the theory of intergovernmentalism, the Franco-German partnership is the most vital and important in regard to power and influence in the EU, because both France and Germany are the founding members of the European Union, having strong economies and both have strong influence upon EU legislation due to these factors. The two countries want to remain sovereign and decisions are made by interstate treaties without spillover effects and supernational expansion. This belief that the Franco-German relationship is the most important also demonstrates of a positive European integration and a stable European Union. The belief that the EU is healthier with the Franco-German strong relationship comes from the intergovernmentalist point of view. The EU truly is integrated through an intergovernmentalist theory. Intergovernmentalists suggest that neofunctalism or a belief of a supernational union does not work because they assume that integration in lower politics such as economic will lead to integration in areas such as sovereignty, and wouldn’t be possible because issues of politics are integral to national interest and integration would only be possible when national interest overlap, which rarely occurs (Moravcisk 1991). Neofunctionalism, the opposite theory, believes that it is
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