The Fourth Of July Analysis

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In “The Fourth of July” by Audre Lorde, she explores the difficulties of racism during the 1940s. She explains how complex it was for not only young African Americans, but African Americans in general. Therefore the readers would get a better perspective of what she was saying. Lorde used creativity in “The Fourth of July” by composing it with different elements of literature such as structure, tone/attitude, and implicating her and her family in it. The structure of this text revolves around the theme racism. Lorde uses the form of flashback by saying that “my mother never mentioned that black people were not allowed into railroad dining cars headed south in 1947”(Lorde 240). She’s reminiscing how hard the times were in the 40s, instead of just stating a plain example of racism in the United States. She retells the past events so we could take a better…show more content…
She tells the audience a personal experience about her family and herself going to Washington D.C and experiences racism. She could have just written about racism alone and left out her personal experiences but she did not. In the story, she talked about her sister’s experience at school and several other experiences that had happened. Lorde commented “In Washington D.C., we had one large room with two double beds and an extra cot for me. It was a black street hotel that belonged to a friend of my father’s…” (Lorde 241). They were not allowed to stay at any other hotel because they were African American. At the end of the story, Lorde adds to tell us, the audience, about the incident that happened at ice cream place. The waitress had said “I said I kin give you take out, but you can’t eat here. Sorry”(Lorde 242). The family was not able to stay there to eat ice cream because they were African American. They all walked out, as Lorde argued, “‘But we haven’t done anything!’ This isn’t right or fair!”(Lorde

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