The Four Mary's

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The Four Marys 1. Q. Who are the four Marys? A. Mary Seaton, Mary Beaton, Mary Carmichael, and possibly Mary Hamilton. 2. Q. Where do the Marys come from? A. Almost all the interpretations of this ballad have the four Marys as being companions of Mary Queen of Scots. 3. Q. Why are there Four? A. It is unclear exactly why there were four Mary’s chosen to accompany Mary Stuart Queen of Scots. 4. Q. Are these women national figures? A. I believe that these women would have had to have been national figures at the time this ballad was written in order to be note worthy enough to be written about. 5. Q. Who were some famous Marys in Great Britain around this time? A. Mary Stuart Queen of Scots and her four famous companions. 6. Q. Who was the Monarch of England? A. Queen Elizabeth 1. 7. Q. Was the author a man or a women? A. It is unknown for sure who the author was. 8. Q. What class must a women author have belonged to back then? A. Only women of the upper class society and royalty were able to read and write at the time that this poem was written. 9. Q. Why would the author choose to remain anonymous? A. Possibly out of fear for his life. It is likely that this ballad was written about a scandal amongst royalty, there fore it would have been a dangerous topic to write about. Works Cited Unknown. “The Four Marys.” Dilks, Stephen, Regina Hansen, and Matthew Parfitt. Ed. Cultural Conversations: The Presence of the Past. Boston: Bedford/St. Matin’s, 2001. 78-81.

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