The Four Frames Of Organization Essay

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PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS 522 In the case, Ellen schall, commissioner for New York department of juvenile justice (DJJ) is faced with a variety of problems. DJJ was created to house juvenile offenders in government custody awaiting trial. Most of DJJ’s charges are held in an old secure facility called Spofford. In addition to internal tensions and significant operational problems in every division, the agency has a history of bad publicity and feuds with city hall. The department is also struggling with racial and class tensions among employees, and there is no clear understanding of its mission. The case ends with commissioner schall planning to speak to employees about these problems and her vision for DJJ. This paper seeks to analyze the situation in the case using the structural, Human resource, political and symbolic frames of organization. The Structural frame refers to the organizational structure, the processes and policies which constitute the Skeleton upon which an organization is built. This frame is of the view that - people should have clear, well understood goals and different roles, -and relationships and coordination must exist between these goals and roles in order for an organization to be successful. Policies, linkages and lines of authority are well defined and it stresses that when an organization has the right structure and people understand it, the organization can achieve its goals and individuals can be effective in their roles. It focuses on how work is organized, who does what with emphasis on policies and procedures. After schall had analyzes the situation, she is able to identify some major problems from the structural point of view. Prominent among these are: * A poor operating structure that is not adequate facilitate the successful day to day operations. Such as good coordination between Spofford and non secure

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