The forgotten sport

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The forgotten sport Since the beginning of time hunting has been a way of life. From the Indians to the pilgrims, hunting has slowly dissipated down to the few that participate today, like the dirt eroding from river banks, a little less everyday. Is hunting a good thing? Is there anything to be learned from hunting? Should I trust my kid to be involved in the sport of hunting? Is hunting safe for my kid to be around? If you are wondering about these things, I hope that I can persuade you to believe that the sport of hunting helps to provide kids with many well needed skills in today’s world. If you are a wondering if it is safe you will be happy to know that all kids born after 1985 are required to participate in a hunter education course and upon completion will then be rewarded with there “orange card.” Everyone born after 1985 are now required to have there orange card, along with there hunting license and the appropriate permit for the game they are hunting. While attending this class I felt as if I was setting in school again. Along with learning safety we were taught, through videos, what a weapon can do to a human being. It was gruesome but we all got the picture that a weapon is no toy it is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, but in the correct hands it can make many memories and teach you many things while also enjoying them. “Respect your weapon son” said dad, as if it were one of the ten commandments, he etched it into my mind. I wasn’t always sure what he meant until I took the hunter education Page 2 course. While being around nature and learning about the animals I was taught to respect the outdoors. Did you know that many small species that have become extinct in the world in the last decade have been the fault of humans due to pollution, not through hunting. In this class we where taught many things about nature and that it
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