The Forgotten Holocaust

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It’s easy to forget the past events in history. If one said the word “Holocaust” it is a natural impulse to think of the German Holocaust, but there is one that seems to have been forgotten in time and is known as the Rape of Nanjing “The Forgotten Holocaust;” A holocaust so great that nearly 370,000 people died. The death toll was not made by a corrupt government but by the corrupted people. The Chinese National Government moved to the capital of China from Peking to Nanjing in 1928. Nanjing had a population of well over one million that was mainly made up of people that where fleeing from the Japanese army that started to invade China. The Japanese military was motivated by their aggression and uncontrollable desire for expansion and imperialism. When Japan launched their attack on the city of Nanjing, China had no choice but to surrender the city (Yao). The next six weeks the capital was filled with brutal inhuman and terribly violent acts now known as the “Nanjing Massacre,” or “The Rape of Nanjing” (Gray). Terror filled the streets of Nanjing; Japanese forced their way into the homes of innocent Chinese civilians. The Japanese forces killed anyone that was in there way. In two days the death toll totaled more than 50,000 giving the streets the name “Streets of Blood” (Yao) as the bodies of humans began to litter the streets. The only hope for the refugees to escape was to cross the Yangtze River. Upon arriving at the river the refugees found themselves trapped with no transportation. When the Japanese forces caught up with the refugees they set fire at the people along the banks and in the river. When the fire died down a Japanese solider reported that the river was flooded with women, men, and children of all ages. The many innocent lives that were taken that day were the cause of the Japanese uncontrollable desire for power corrupting them in the process.
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