The Forgotten Group Member Essay

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The Forgotten Group Member Currently the group is at a storming stage to present their assignment to Prof Sandra and their entire class next week. Being a Team coordinator Christine should have used the 5 stages of group development to make this assignment more successful. For example In stage 1 – The forming stage Christine should have provided more guidance and direction to the group as team leader, which she didn’t do on first place. Creating safe environment for everyone to bring out the similarities and difference among them and solved all the conflicts in stage 1 itself before going any further into the assignment. Clear expectations were not set in the first place from their team members in forming stage or Christine didn’t prepare a team charter to assign work for per their personalities. In stage 2 storming I feel personally the whole assignment failed due to not assigning responsibilities to individuals in a group and she didn’t stepped up as a leader to set deadlines to finish individual’s tasks which resulted in lack of communication and lack of interest in the group and Christine didn’t motivate Mike enough. In stage 3 norming group members were engaged in active acknowledgment of all members’ contributions and solving a group issues and it didn’t happen as group advanced to different stages Christine failed to solve mike problems and she allowed mike to understate the whole assignment process. In stage 4 performing Christine and group didn’t evolve to stage four, which resulted in lack of unity, low morale and less group loyalty. The overall goal is productivity through problem solving and work which didn’t happened because of mike absence, as everyone had presented their assigned work to Christine including mike which consist of few rough handwritten instructions as compared to other in the team. In stage 5 adjourning Christine feel the

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