The Forest People

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Alisa Sagdahl The Forest People In this book The Forest people I found it very interesting how different this group/culture is then the group/society that we grow up in. yes we could have grown up all the way across the U.S.A but in reality we both watch TV went to school have to get a job ect. In the Pygmies world they grow up all in the same group. Even though they don’t have flat screen TV’s and cars and video games, they are more happier and more fulfilled then people that have never hungry or get to drive a car and live in our society. They are thankful for what they have. When you are able to adapt to a living place you live in you don’t need any thing else. They have everything they need in forest. The Pygmies live in the forest and live off of the forest and what the forest has to offer. People are afraid of the forest they think it is scary and has evil in it, but the Pygmies think that the forest is wonderful away of life on PG 13 it says the forest is “exciting, mysterious, mournful, and joyful” they love the forest. It gives them life. Example on “PG.92” it say’s “The forest is a father and mother to us,” “and like a father or mother it gives us everything we need-food, clothing, shelter and warmth”. If you make the forest happy in return the forest will be happy give back to you and you can live and be happy and have a fulfilling life in the forest. People might be scared of the forest because they did not grow up in the forest. For the Negroes when someone dies they push all the evil sprits out of them into the forest so there’s one other reason why people might be scared of the forest. People have different options of the same places The Negroes thought the forest was bad and the pygmies thought the village PG.50. “ Is a bad place. When the Pygmies come back in the forest and leave the village they want PG.51 “to hold the biggest molimo festival the
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