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Review of The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgwick The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgwick is a thrilling book set in the times of World War One. As you can imagine, the book shows themes of death, pain, fear and love. The main character is a young girl named Alexandra who has disturbing and graphic premonitions of death, and as her brothers enter the war, she foresees their deaths. Her eldest brother's death came too soon for her to act on it, but when she sees her second brother Tom's death, she decides that it is her job to prevent this from happening, to intervene with fate. A strong point of the book is the descriptions of the dreams and premonitions that Alexandra has. When Alexandra is in France, under a false nurse's name, she begins to have dreams about black Raven's speaking and haunting her. The way it is written makes Alexandra seem minor to the bird- an animal associated with death and darkness- almost suggesting it is better than her, and she cannot control it. She also sees images of the bullet of a gun hurtling towards her brother, as well as the rather graphic deaths of soldiers from the war. These images in particular give an insight into what sort of a world it was, and just how overwhelming it must have been for a teenage girl. Another strong point was the opening of the book, the author writes within the first few pages of how the premonitions are seen as a curse through Alexandra's eyes. He wrote about her first premonition, and how from the young age of just 5, she had witnessed a death of a close friends before it had actually taken place. It tells the reader straight away that Alexandra does not have 'happy' premonitions, she has to cope with dark, and what would be quite terrifying visions. A weaker strong point of the book I felt was how the characters were portrayed. Alexandra is a 17 year old girl, and from my point of view, going back to

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