The Food System Essay

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As the food system evolves, big companies tend to increase their control of the food chain. Today it can be claimed that most of the food produced in the US comes from a handful of companies like Tyson. Big companies tend to always want more power over the chain so they move forward into vertical integration, vertical integration consist when a company own every step of the supply chain for one particular product. For example a company main own the company that produces the land and then own the processing factory and after that own the distributor whom sells the food. The small example mentioned above is not so accurate since there is way more steps on the chain and of course more companies involved with it, therefore more steps that can’t be consisted into an essay this big. Vertical integration is just another way food companies today have found to buy themselves more power and it will reach a point where a product can only be provided by one company making the population slave to this food company and making it stronger than possibly our own government. Tyson has approximated revenue of 26 million dollars and it is shocking to see the fact that they have 107,000 employees, who work at more than 300 facilities in the United States and throughout the world. This shows how it is not only the people the ones that loose biodiversity but also how thousands of families are forced to support this corporate monster. Vertical Integration is the predominant model today because it can only be done by those companies that have power and those companies are the ones who call the shots (so to say). In other words if the four companies that control 80% of the food supply decide this is the way to go, then no one can stop them because they are the only ones with enough money to buy so many companies and no one dares to stop them. Nevertheless it is not necessarily good for us

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