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The Food Essay

  • Submitted by: AbrahamLlefi1
  • on December 13, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Soul Food In life there are many codes that define us as individuals and as a society. In order to further discuss the code we must first establish the definition and nature of a code and what it entails. It is an unspoken oath to an idea or way of life to which we feel dedicated and devoted. The way we are influenced by our surroundings and the way we react or feel we are supposed to react to them are a result of our interpretation of that code. While the code is artistic at the same time it is cruel. It can embody its disciple with such an overwhelming grip that they feel they can never get out of its cage. The misinterpretation of the code is easily achieved. In the case of the Hunger Artist, the code of his artistic ability to fast produces self-enlightenment to insight. As a result it reveals to him his hunger is for answers. It reveals self-definition for him as an artist and as a man. Furthermore it reveals to him his hypocrisy and fraudulence. All of which leave him feeling unsatisfied and hungry. His hunger for answers is his journey for truth and meaning in life. He needs to feel accomplishment and self worth but is faced with the sad but true fact that no one will give him the recognition he feels he so rightly deserves. He wants answers to why the crowds of people and the impresario can never praise him enough even if he has the perfect setting and time to fast for as long as he desires. “ Perhaps said the hunger artist to himself many a time, things would be a little better if his cage were set not quite so near the menagerie.” (Kafka 225) He feels as though he’s being cheated of his opportunity to be the greatest faster thus far in history. The harsh reality of the fact is that he knows this cloak of fame could never render the satisfaction he needs to fill the hunger in his life. No matter how long he fasts he will still be left feeling empty, unadmired, and unsatisfied because of their lack of understanding and the “failure of the public to...

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