The Flowers, Alice Walker's

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Yhadira Tacury ENG 096 10:00 10/29/09 2nd Paper “The Flowers” “Flowers” is an appropriate title for Alice Walker’s short story, because she found a wild pink rose. The wild pink rose is different from the other flowers she picked. Myop’s reaction to the dead man is significant because a wild pink rose is growing on the dead man’s head. Flowers can represent happiness and love, kindness and gentleness, along with death and sorrow. Happiness and love are beautiful feelings. When you feel great about yourself or something, there is happiness. To love and to be love is a beautiful feelings. When Myop was ten she was a happy child. “It seemed to Myop as she skipped lighty from hen house to smokehouse that the day had never been as beautiful as these (Myop). Myop fells happiness and love for her animals. Also she fells happiness and love because she surround by beautiful flowers. Kindness and gentleness are ways that show how a person is. Kindness and gentleness are feelings of actions. Myop is kind and gentle to her animals and flowers. In the story the reader tell us how she like flowers. She goes with her family to pick flowers. flowers are gentle. You have to teat a flower nice so it can grow. A person can show that they are kindliness gentleness by giving someone flowers. When someone dies people leave flowers on their grave, to represent death. Myop feel sorrow for the dead man because of the way the he looks. The dead man had “large white teeth, all of them cracked or broken, long fingers and very big bones” (Myop). Also the dead man had rotten clothes. The buckle of the overall had turned green. The dead man is significant to Myop because a wild pink rose is growing his head. This flower is not like the other flower Myop had seen. Conclusion, flower is an appropriate tile for Alice Walker’s short story, because of the wild pink rose she
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