The Flaws of Education Essay

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In the state of New York, standardized tests called the regents examination are administered to students between eighth to twelfth grade to test their knowledge of a core topic like math, science, history, etc. Like Mr. Kaku said, these tests tend to enforce the idea of memorization of vocabulary as learning instead of the main ideas of the subject and the curiosity is crushed out of us. Some people believe that standardized testing and the education system currently in place is acceptable. Others don’t agree and say that the education system is poor and needs to be restructured. In my opinion the whole education system needs a revolution. In this day and age many people have brought up the fact that not everyone is a good test taker, that there exists a different kind of intelligence, creativity and curiosity. In 2001, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left behind Act that required all public schools that receive federal funding to create a state wide standardized test that is administered annually to students. Each school must make annual reports of the grades that show that each year students get progressively better. If the reports are repeatedly poor, then steps are taken to improve the school. This act leads to many effects on teachers, student, and schools alike. The act gave way for higher accountability from students and teachers since the schools future rested in their hands. If the students performed poorly the school would be the one that suffered. And the ones that are supposed to ensure the students perform well are the teachers. Student performance is assessed by a standardized test. Over the years since so much relies on the test, people have coined the term, “teaching to the test.” The act which requires students to do well in core areas like math, science, and English, have narrowed down the subjects that teachers teach to

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