The Five Senses

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The Five Senses The Five Senses The five senses of the human body include: sight, hear, smell, taste, and touch and known as external senses. Furthermore, each one of the above senses affects the thinking process of humans. For instance, an individual looks at a bright yellow sunflower, and a message sent to the brain stimulates the individual to feel happy because the sense of sight, smell, and touch were the three senses that cause the individual to feel an emotion. Moreover, the five senses allow individuals to articulate and process the existence of human life. In a particular, theorist, psychologist, anthropologist, and scientist, to name a few, explore how the five senses develop human characteristics, or understand the five W’s (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) that brings curiosity to an individual’s mind. This paper will explain the importance of the human five senses and the importance of the senses within an individual’s life. Furthermore, discuss ways human senses can be distorted, and reference to an incident in which sensory distortion caused the outcome of an experience that I encountered. The senses are important; however, if an individual loses his or her sight, then the other four senses will become more powerful and the mind will be able to expand the process of each sense because the loss of vision makes every other sense imperative. Moreover, without the information we receive through our five senses, we could not function as the humans we are. For instance, each sense is important in its own way, but each sense includes limitations. The brain is a primary building element starting with the brain cells known as neurons. The chemical processes in the brain sending out messages through the neurons, which determine the mental processes along with an individual’s thinking. In addition, cells called glial exist between the neurons
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