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The Five Functions of Management in My Work Place Essay

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The Five Functions of Management in My Work Place
MGT330: Management for Organizations
Tammi A. Clearfield, P.A.

At the most fundamental level of management is a discipline that consists of a set of five specific functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. These five functions are part of a body of practices and theories for how to be a successful manager (Reilly, M., Minnick, C., & Baack, D., pg. 1.2).   I do understand that this is founded on research and theory, but it is also about the practices that managers need to implement to support the theories.   In this essay I will explain how the management practices of planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling are implemented in my organization.

As the Founder and CEO of1095 Prevention and Reform LLC which is a non-for-profit organization. I have had to implement all five of the functions of management grasped to get the vision in effect. I had to put in the work week after week, month after month and year after year, grinding out details after details, building structure after structure to bring my vision to past. Planning was used at the beginning of the vision and each week I planned an event or something to get me closer to the goal.   1095 Prevention and Reform Foundation, LLC is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to teach our youth about the consequences of crime with an objective to help deter violent crimes and punishment from happening to a young man.  

I definitely understand that prisons are very necessary and that the government and its police number one priority is to protect us. I hope to be able to make one aware of the mental health issues and the socio-economical status of the at-risk young men and underprivileged families; especially that of children with a parent already in prison living in rural areas and major cities here in Georgia.

My goal is to provide...

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