The First Two Chapters of Monica Ali´S Novel ‘Brick Lane' Essay

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1. Why, do you think, are we told the story of the protagonist´s birth and how she was left to fate? I think, that the author want to tell us, that the birth is characteristic for the way Nazneen is thinking and living, also when she is grown up. She nearly was stillborn in very bad circumstances, but she got back to life. She was often told how she was left to Fate. When her father found her a husband, and she went to London with him, she still leaves her life to fate, and she doesn't think, she can decide anything in her own life. For the same reason the religion is very important to her. 2. How does the author convey the protagonist´s feeling of being lost in London? She is dreaming back to the place she comes from. She misses the people. She is feeling alone, and she had never feel like that before. In London she is alone in the big apartment every day. She is feeling sad, because she can’t speak English. 3. Characterise the protagonist (see tools for texting) Nazneen cares for her husband, she keeps the house nice and tidy and do just as a girl from the village is supposed to do. She thinks that she has a good life, but that is because she believes in faith, and she believes in religion. She is a good wife and she finding the best things in life. Sometimes she is dreaming about what she would like to do. She is a shy woman, and when she don’t speak English it is more difficult for her to get some friends. She is living like a normal Muslim woman does. 4. What role does religion play in the protagonist´s life? It’s a Muslim woman, who is into reading the Korean. She is using the religion a lot in her every day life and feels happy when she does it. She believes that it is god who controls what happening and what there will happen in the future. She does not believe that there is anything that can hurt her, exept if it is gods plan. God owns 5.

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