The First Time Of Swimming Essay

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The First Time of Swimming When I was a little girl,I admired those people very much who can swim freely in the swimming pool,because I wasn’t brave enough so that I didn’t master swim. Last Tuesday,I went to the swimming club and learned to swim.I was afraid when my teacher taught me to put my head into the water.I always jumped out of the water.The teacher said that I was too afraid.Not to make the teacher lose all hope,I insisted on putting my head into the water for several seconds.That’s OK,so I turned to learn to float.The teacher stood beside me and let my body slope forward and feet pedal backward in order to float.I tried my best to do as the teacher said,but I still floated.The teacher encouraged me to try again and again and let me relax in the water.However,I still failed soon.There was no time left,the teacher had to go and let me come to practice next time.Then I went to the edge of the swimming pool,I met a girl who told me some methods of floating and gave me examples. With the help of her,I made progress.After practice,she sent me out of the swimming pool.I thanked her very much. Though,the first time of swimming is not like what I thought.I learned friendship and life.Sometimes we daren’t chanllenge ourselves.Perhaps life is not like what we desire but what we need.We should catch the opportunities and try our

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