The First Phase Of a Modified Integrated Marketing Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to outline the second phase of a marketing communications campaign or marketing plan for a brand new BBQ (Grill) product called 10Der Grills. Braaiing is now a way of life and has been accepted as a part of almost every South Africans lifestyle. 10Der Grills is a barbeque stand that will aim to capture this spirit whilst producing the tender sizzling meat required for outdoor eating pleasures. 10Der Grills came up with their brand MC message: “Re-think Barbeques!” in order to persuade middle class to affluent parents aged 25-45 years that braaing isn’t just a boring outdoor activity but an activity that can be carried out in style, with elegance and done with friends and family. This target audience will highly benefit from using 10Der Grills as their BBQ grill stand and the tone of the messages sent out by the brand product are those of a serious and factual nature to ensure that those reached are informed and persuaded on an emotional level. The messages will be delivered through Advertising, Sales promotion and Events/Sponsorship. At least two mass media vehicles will be used and under advertising, television, magazines and billboards will be used to communicate the message. Billboards will be used as the out-of-home function used to communicate the messages. The marketing and calculated costs for the twelve month campaign which begins in December 2011 on the 1st, of advertisements is calculated at R7,492,010.52 which would guarantee to firstly increase brand awareness in customer’s minds, induce purchases and hopefully generate repeat purchases, and thereafter create customer retention. 10Der Grills set two communication objectives and two sales objectives: Sales Objectives 1. Generate sales of at least 200 grills to the target market in the first 4 months of the product launch. 2. To gain at least 20% market

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