The First Beast in Revelation 13

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The First Beast in Revelation 13 The dragon brings forth two henchmen (Chap. 13) to help in pursuit of those who believe in Jesus. Satan is embodied in a political ruler, the beast from the sea (13:1), who will blaspheme for “42 months” (13:5). This is Paul’s man of lawlessness (2 Thess.2:2-12) and the antichrist of John (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 19:20) who comes up from the earth (13:11), seeks to deceive the earth so that its inhabitants worship the first beast. Chapter 13 is to be understood in connection with Dan. 7 at the coming of the eschatological antichrist. In the dragon (Satan), the beast and the false prophet will encounter nothing less than a counterfeit trinity, as well as a counterfeit resurrection (13:3). Revelation is clear that Satan is the master of deceiver and counterfeiter. (Holman, 1394-95) It is not by his own strength or his own strategy that the beast has come into such a position of world eminence. It is none other than Satan himself who has given him his great might and his throne and preeminent rulership over the other nations. How he will acquire such authority, humanly speaking, is only intimated in Scripture. Probably, he will seize the advantage of the leadership void left by the catastrophic defeat of Russia in Israel and the insipid response of the western nations to the Russian invasion. In any case, it is his dark league with Satan that really opens the way for him, the Devil making him appear so attractive as a world leader that other kings and presidents willingly submit to his authority in the stressful times just before and during the first half of the tribulation period. (Morris, pg. 236) The beast, as did the dragon who empowered him, was seen by John to have seven heads and ten horns. However the dragon had seven crowns upon his seven heads (Revelation 12:3) whereas the beast had ten crowns upon his

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