The Film Witness Deals with Characters in Conflict with the World Around Them.

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The film witness deals with characters in conflict with the world around them. In 1985, the film Witness is directed by Peter Weir. It deals with some characters that come into conflict with the world around them. The conflicts are highlighted and shown in the film by many techniques, like the way the cameras were angled, the setting, symbols and the sound tracks. Samuels’s innocence is corrupted when he becomes in contact with the city life and crime. When the corrupted policemen’s are looking for book in the Amish world they find obstacles. When John book moves to the Amish world and falls in love with Rachel, he faces many problems and suffers from confection because he knows he doesn’t belong there. We are shown that Samuel is in conflict with the world around him when he enters the city of Philadelphia and loses his innocent when he witnesses a murder at the train station. The director shows this by the sounds and angles of the camera during scenes and by the way many people talk at once shows the differences of life between the city and the peacefulness of Samuels home. The close up on Samuel’s face during the murder with the expression of terrified face with a wide open eyes and the tension of the music shows us the corruption of his innocence and the conflict with the world around him there is also another evidence when he tells Eli that he would only kill the bad man. Schaefer, McFee and Fergie go to the Amish world looking for john book they are faced with many obstacles. When thewy first enter arrive at the farm, the soundtrack and the close up view on the guns are there to remind us the violence and show us that that is the only way they could keep their corruption. The gun fires between John Book and McFee are there to represent the violence and even earlier in the film at the parking area, the guns are used as a symbol of thriller and crime.
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