The Filipino: The Gifted Race Essay

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As a Filipino, I always take pride in my roots and rich cultural heritage. I am inclined to believe in one historian who said that Filipinos were not of the Malayan race nor did they evolve from other nationalities. He said that the Filipino is a Filipino. He was, is, has been and will be a Filipino by spirit, by blood and by consciousness. We were colonized by the the Western world. We did not resist any foreign invasion. We submitted in humility and in understanding that we would soon taste the freedom from oppression. Indeed the Philippines has made its mark in the world. We may not be one of the affluent or influential regions in Asia, but its people are its resources, are its gifts and treasures. Everywhere in the world, there are countless Filipinos. They have been scattered all over, separated from their families for one reason: Love for the family. We value our closeness as members of our respective family. We work hard for our loved ones. Filipinos may have been the contemporary Jews who are dispersed to preach the good news of the richness of their faith. As the only Christian country in Asia, we push the boundary of what is possible and good for our country, families and communities. The Philippines hails the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as "Heroes." They support their families, and in turn they also support the government by their dollar remittances to sustain the national economy. Aren't we gifted people? Filipinos are internationally-renowned. They bring honors to the country with their talents, abilities and personal values reflected by their history and heritage. They are world class workers, great artists, freedom fighters, cutting-edge professionals, sports enthusiasts and name it and you have it! The likes of Lea Salonga, Manny Pacquiao and Efren Penaflorida have again proven the "capacity for greatness" of the Filipinos. I am proud of

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