The Fight For Freedom In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

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Toni Morrison employs some historical events and personnel thoughts into her novel Song of Solomon. While there was fights for racial equality during Toni Morrison’s life where she might have experienced some of it, there is some fights for equality seen by Guitar. He himself becomes very into some aspects of the civil rights movement, specifically in the Seven Days. Milkman also dreams of finding out his past and actually leads us into his past. Milkman in a way also rebels against his father by hitting him and deciding not to join the family business with his father. “Writers have always been concerned with the freedom of the human spirit, whether through dreaming, solitude, or rebellion.” This statement is illustrated in Song of Solomon through Guitar and Milkman’s quests in the novel. Guitar at the beginning of the book is just a curious teenager who starts getting interested in the civil rights movement. He gets very enraged speaking about the racism that goes on and he exaggerates about how bad it is. Morrison allows Guitar to have freedom of his human spirit through rebellion. He does what he believes in. “No love? No Love? Didn’t you hear me? What I’m doing ain’t about hating white people. It’s about loving us. About loving you. My…show more content…
Guitar is a free spirit in the way he rebels against whites in fighting for equal rights in violent ways. Morrison uses Guitar to give a little of her own opinion of the problem of racism that was occurring during her time. Milkman is used to portray the dream of finding out about his past life and fulfilling that desire. He is a free spirit because he goes out in the world to find what he wants. Morrison shows her free spirit through Milkman in showing her own experiences. The freedom of the human spirit is shown throughout characters in the Song of Solomon and those characters exemplify Morrison’s own freedom of

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