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After bringing Ben back to the house the children started to stay away from the house. Jane was quiet and to herself but went to her friends house after school. Paul did come home but he was often in tears, whined alot and stared for long hours at nothing. He was too thin because of his malnutritioned appatite. He didnt concentrate on important things, he daydreemed and mooned restlesly.The problem with Paul was that he didn’t have a mother at the time when he was growing, which is why he turned out this way. Ben went to school again and he showed improvement in his learning skills. The teachers observed that Ben does try hard to be like the other kids but he just doesn’t fit in. After a while of peace in Harriet’s life Ben, one day, hurt one of the girls in class. He bend the girls arm until it was broken. Paul, after hearing about Ben’s actions, was hysterical and terrified that Ben might hurt him too. Harriet brought back the memories from the institution to Ben and, in a way, threatened him that if he doesn’t behave he’ll go back. Remembering the memories from the institution Ben really looked like he was terrified, he tried to protect himself for a second as if Harriet would send him to the institution. When Harriet went to Dr. Gilly, a specialist, she stated that the problem wasn’t with Ben but with Harriet. That she doesn’t like Ben very much and to not blame herself. The doctor then stated that Harriet resents the fact that Ben isn’t clever, although slow children have a chance to catch up later. During that Christmas year Luke insisted that he wanted to stay with his grandparents. Dorothy came over for Christmas and took Jane with her. Ben spend time with John cruising around and spending time with the “crew”. Helene lived in Molly’s house and stayed in David’s former room. Paul and Ben were the only children that stayed with Harriet and David. Paul was sent

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