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The Fiddlers Claw Essay

  • Submitted by: applechiller00
  • on March 15, 2012
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The Fiddler’s Claw
3rd draft

“Ace!” cried Momma.
“It’s time for dinner.”
I ran down our golden sandy stairs into our sand castle house. I smelt the aroma of crisp fried chicken, my favorite.  
“What’s the occasion Momma?” I asked. Since she only makes my favorite on occasion.   I thought it was because my claw was growing even larger.
“Well Poppa and I have some big news.” Said Momma, somewhat flustered. When she said that a party of butterflies grew in my stomach, I knew it wasn’t my claw.
“Son, I know how you love this home and we have had many marvelous memories here but we have to move to South Caroline next week.” Said Poppa. I no longer had an appetite for my very favorite meal. I just wanted to go to bed and wake up from this nightmare. I ran to my room as quick as a jackrabbit. A few minutes later Momma came up.
“Ace, don’t be sad sweet pea” Said Momma. “Think of all the new adventures you could have in South Carolina.”
As she left I actually considered it and began to think. I thought up many fun ideas. I could go snorkeling, and jet skiing, build new sand castles, and explore all over. I actually got excited for our move.
That week went by so slowly, but finally the day came for us to leave. The trip was long but when we got there I was so happy and that night I slept like a baby.
The next morning I got up and was excited to explore. I went all over town, exploring the new area when I saw a group of boys that looked my age. So I decided to say hi.
“Hi guys. I just moved here. My name is Ace.”
“What’s wrong with you?” One boy said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Your claw!! It’s so big and weird looking!” said one boy
“But, aren’t you guys going to get them too?” I asked, confused.
“Ha no way, we aren’t freaks like you.”
At that I was so devastated that I ran straight home. I couldn’t stop thinking about what they said, and that maybe I was a freak.

“Well hey there sweet pea. Meet any new friends today?” asked Momma.

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