The Feminine Mystique

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The Feminine Mystique It is truly once in a lifetime that monumental books are written. And by monumental I mean books that challenge the modern day concept of a certain idea, not for attention for drama, but because the writer genuine believes that there is a problem of sorts that needs to be addressed. Betty Friedan grew sick and tired of what the roles of women have become. In 1963, she published a book named The Feminine Mystique. The Feminine Mystique is the idea in the ideal role for a woman in the 19th century. This role included: a woman who could clean up the house because she is at home all day and does not work (her husband is and would not like to come home to a dirty house) and a woman who was able to take care of her children (schooling clothing feeding well being health etc). Or to put it simply, a woman who was a house wife by occupation nothing more and nothing less. Her roles not only defined her, but limited her absolutely. “I have tried everything women are supposed to do...but I'm desperate. I begin to feel I have no personality.” (Friedan p. 21) This quote is given by a woman who has lived the feminine mystique. She has had the kids, she has the husband and the house. She has the life that she has always dreamed of, but there's something she didn't realize. The feminine mystique represents the role of a woman that makes the role of a man the easiest, and that dream life she had always wanted was not one she made for herself. Woman did not figure out that life style for themselves, they were told that they should strive to do this and be that, that they would be and feel happiest in life this way. The woman who lives out this role has little to some pleasure in life. How can a person have any sort of enjoyment in the position of their choosing but with someone else's rules? From the quotations in the reading, these women seem to expressing
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