The Faults in Our Star Argument

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Anh Nguyen EAP 98 Monica Monk February 17, 2014 Best Story Ever When people read any books, they usually have so many ideas. Most books are really helpful but some books are not. Now, I am reading the book that named The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I already read some reviews on Amazon. Most people really like this book, but some people do not like it, because they think this book is pretentious, and characters are boring, which make many people disappointed. For me, I insistently said that this book is a wonderful book I have read by John Green, even though some negative reviews on Amazon claim that the character Hazel is too perfect, people want to stop reading when they only finish the first chapter, and the story is too boring. One of the reviews on Amazon says that Hazel is too perfect and she is not a normal teenager. I disagree with the review. Although I have not finished reading this book, I already found some parts showing that Hazel is not really perfect. For instance, when Hazel is talking with her parents, she says “I am like. Like. I am like a grenade” (99). “Grenade” is a strong word that hurts her parents really bad. Her dad feels like a scolded puppy and he cries a lot. Furthermore, Hazel has some disrespectful gestures with her parents when her dad is crying such as “I am going to my room and read for a while, okay? I am fine. I am really fine” (99,100 ). If she is a perfect person, she will not say such words that hurt her parents. Therefore, people can tell that Hazel is not too perfect in the story and if people continue to read some parts of the story, they will find more examples that show Hazel is not a perfect person. Another review on Amazon says that people want to stop reading at the end of chapter one because they feel bored with the story. I believe after chapter one the story has some interesting occurrences even though I

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