The Fast And The Furious Essay

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The Fast And Furious Among the large variety of automobiles today an old favorite still remains as the most entertaining in the broad range of choices. Sports Cars are undoubtedly very enthralling to drive because their ability far exceeds that of a regular car. Sports cars have the capability to move very fast very accurately where and when other cars cannot, giving them the upper-hand in a situation that demands immediate action. Sport Cars are very popular among young adults and men going through a mid-life crisis, the speed and sleek appearance of these beautiful creatures are what give it appeal. Among the variety of sport cars, the most popular are going to be the focus of our discussion. Dodge has redone one of its classics, the Dodge Charger is a new old-favorite because of the affordability and ability it presents. Not only does it have a very powerful engine (HEMI) but is also fuel efficient saving money where it counts. The body is a re-designed make of the older model giving it a classic and powerful presentation, which would lure the attention of any person addicted to cars. Making this a good investment for anyone who likes to push the boundaries of the speed limit. Lamborghini is an exotic yet unconditionally powerful beast of a car. This is a completely manual car where the gearshift is literally at your fingertips, bearing some of the most powerful horsepower known to man this car can easily exceed speeds of two-hundred miles-per-hour. Very exotic and very very expensive this is a European car made exactly to the buyers preference. New these cars can have a shocking retail of three-hundred-thousand dollars. Clearly Sports Cars can be a very pricy hobby and also potentially dangerous, but extremely enjoyable and enthralling. Being able to be experienced by people of many make and career, fast cars are going to be a longtime favorite of the

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