The Family That Preys

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The Family That Preys Intro: Family is defined by our book as a social institution found in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another, including any children. While searching for just the right movie that displays family and all its challenges I stumbled across a movie called “The Family That Preys”. The Family That Preys is a drama-filled movie that covers a broad range of issues such as infidelity, poverty, the disease of Alzheimer’s, death, and even some of the problems faced by family ran businesses. What really drew me to this movie was the fact that I could relate to some of the issues. My life and my everyday issues may not be as elaborate as in the movie but a relation was definitely there. Summary: The Family that Preys is a movie that involves two families and what happens when the best and the worst of their lives mix. The Cartwright family was an upper-class white family that owned a multi-million dollar construction. The Pratt family was a middle-class black family that owned a local diner. The matriarchs of both families go by the names of Charlotte and Alice (respectively) and they had built an amazing friendship over the years. Their friendship is tested by the decisions of their adult children when they discover that Charlotte’s son William and Alice’s daughter Andrea are having an affair with each other and they are scheming to take over the families company taking control away from William’s mother. William was taught by his mother and deceased father what he thought could be enough to take over and expand the company alongside Andrea who has a Masters’ degree in Economic Science. Amongst all the scandal and deceit Andrea’s Sister Pam and her husband Ben realized that their family had steered of the course of holiness and righteousness and vowed to get them back on the right course. Through this

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