The Family Role Of Protection In The Pearl

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PROTECTION John Steinbeck was one of the most famous authors during the 20th century. He had written many novels and stories related to the real world and imagination. In those writing, he always made reflections on human conditions as well social concepts. Because of the ideal and unique style of his writings, he won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. Among those, “The Pearl” is an interesting and meaningful short story he had written describing a real life of a fisherman who lived in Mexico during Spanish colonization around the 18th century. This parable teaches readers lots about the role of family not only in that time but also nowadays. Family protection is an important role all members of family have to fulfill concerning on their safety and education. Initially, safety is truly crucial in the role of family protection that no one in family left it behind. Thus, ensuring the security of each of every member in family is an obligation of everyone. All of them have to guarantee both corporeal and mental safety for one another from obstacles they encounter. Apparently, in “The Pearl”, after Kino killed a stranger on the pathway and his brush house was burned down, he dared not to enter the village again. The only one person who helped him to escape from this bad situation at that time was his brother, Juan Tomas. As Juan Tomas said, “I will hide you” (John, 1948, p. 62), it showed his intention to protect his brother from the difficulties as well as he wanted to relief the worries from his brother’s mind. This plainly showed the security assurance of Juan Thomas toward Kino. What is more, when Coyotito was sick because of the poison of the scorpion sting, Kino and Juana had tried hard for many times to cure their only one son as their life such as sucking the poison, seeing the doctor, and so
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