The Family Of Woodstock Research Paper

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The Family of Woodstock, Inc. Paper Shannel Watts Bshs 355 May 26, 2014 Aaron Mills The Family of Woodstock, Inc. Paper Family of Woodstock Incorporated began in 1969, and started out as very popular rock festival in the town of Woodstock, NY. Woodstock turned a quiet small town into a place where young people gathered together and partied. These young individuals were found sleeping on benches, hitchhiking in and out of town, camping in parking lots and seeking out food and clothing wherever they could find it (Burger, 2011). As they traveled to this town most of them brought little to nothing, which left them crowding the town in such a manner. Gail Varsi was a lady who lived in this community; she recognized this growing epidemic…show more content…
is a network of individuals whose mission is to provide confidential crisis intervention and to support the needs of individuals and families. They believe that the common ground between the helped and the helper is more valued than the differences that divide them, and that everyone deserves respect and support of the community. These values and beliefs have changed compared to 40 years ago when everything was rock and roll, drugs, and wanting to be cool, which led most of them into drug and alcohol addiction programs. The Family of Woodstock now is not as laid back as it once was; now those who enter into this program for help have to follow the conditions and regulations of the program. At the “Midway Program” the length of stay for individuals participating here is 18 months and could extend to 24 months if the participant enters the program at the age of 16 to allow them time to achieve their GED or high school diploma. Here the residents are expected to maintain their house at the facility by having chores done as well as maintaining the cleanliness of their rooms (Burger, 2011). Following these rules ensures that the residents will experience responsibilities and structure in their lives, as well as experience a supportive family
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