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The Falling Man By Steven Carmody This iconic picture is called 'The Falling Man'. It was taken on September 11 2001 by Richard Drew at 9:41:15am at the World Trade Center, New York, U.S.A. The person in the photograph is Jonathan Bailey, a employee of Windows on the World restaurant on the 106 and 107 floors of the north tower World Trade Center. The image is comprised entirely of both World Trade Center Buildings and a man in business attire falling in a head down position, side on to the camera, perfectly parallel to the building. The building he has jumped from is in the foreground and the other in the background. He looks to be in a relaxed position without much body language. The image has a gray even tone with a bit of reflection off the background building. The falling man represents heroism because it make the viewer reflect on the sheer terror and bravery some 3000 people had to face before there deaths that day. It makes me think about how precious and fragile life is and how quickly it can be taken from you. This brave man had a choice to make, to be engulfed by the flame and smoke or to leap out into the cool fresh air and avoid a painful death, what courage and bravery it must of taken to take such a leap, one final instinct to live, one could not comprehend what it would have been like to live such a moment. This photograph symbolizes the heroism of the innocent people who lost there lives this tragic day. My concept of heroism changed quite a lot throughout my my studies, at first my thoughts on heroism were of professional sports people and of fictional characters such as Superman, but I have come to realize that ordinary people can be hero's, people that perform extraordinary acts of courage and bravery are hero's, people that go out of their way to help others are hero's. Hero's are what inspire and motivate us, they tell new

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