The Fall of Rome Essay

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In around 476 CE, after many centuries of greatness, the Western Roman Empire fell. Researchers and historians have debated for a long time what the cause was. There are many theories, none of them definite. The rise of Christianity may have created cracks in the Romans loyalty to their country because they no longer believed in Roman gods. Unnecessary military spending because of overexpansion and inability to expand further because of lack of new land to conquer is another theory. Yet another theory is that the immigration of Gothic Tribes and then mistreatment of the Gothics may have caused the immigrants to revolt. But the one thing that truly brought down Rome, and encompasses many of the other theories in its web of destruction, is the Plague. It killed many itself, and advanced many of the other causes of the Fall of Rome. It was introduced to the Roman population in the year 165. The Antonine Plague killed over two thousand people a day in Rome, with an overall death toll of five million, which was about half the population. Returning troops could have spread diseases, medical technology could not have combated it, and, if leaders died, the entire government would be rendered unstable. During that time, many Roman soldiers were coming back from fighting in the Near East. They brought back the Antonine Plague. This is the plague that caused the fall of Rome. It then spread from the soldiers to the citizens. The Romans would have been completely vulnerable. The medical field at the time was nowhere near advanced enough to combat the plague. The doctors would not have known what to do. If they tried to combat it through techniques such as bloodletting or pus extraction, it might further spread the virus to other patients and doctors. The plague spread very fast, and by the time they could have found a cure, it would already be too late. The Antonine Plague

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