The Fall of Rome Essay

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THE FALL OF ROME COMPOSITION II One of the most important parts of our life is the study of history. The reason we look into and study our past is to get a better view and idea of where we are going. One of the most important events in our history was the fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was once the world’s most powerful empire of its time. The people of Rome lived in peace for almost two centuries. During the third century, the Roman Empire started to fall in extreme ways that would soon lead to its destruction. Many have come to the question: What were the contributing factors to the fall of Rome? Political downfall, decadence, Religion, and military confusion brought on the fall of the Roman Empire. An empire that was once thriving and loved by the public turned into an unjust and corrupted empire and with that brought confusion. The Romans could never achieve a democratic system without corruption. A democratic system always seemed to be flawed and corrupted. Finally after a long civil war the first Emperor was appointed, Emperor Augustus also known as Octavian. Seeing that Rome was really political, the senators had control over the armies, which made it very unclear where the military ended and the civil government began. The Romans never created an effective system to determine how new emperors would be selected. The decision was always open to debate between the old emperor, the Senate, the Praetorian Guard (the emperor’s private army), and the army. Eventually, the Praetorian Guard got complete authority to choose the new emperor. Then in 186 A. D. they started selling the throne to the highest bidder. During the next 100 years, Rome had 37 different emperors - 25 of which were removed from office by assassination( The fall of Rome also happened because of their armies. The armies were not in the best

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