The Fall of Constantinople

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The Fall of Constantinople Candice Cowan The takeover of Constantinople, which is the capital of Byzantine Empire, took place in 1453. The ruler of the Ottoman Turks, Sultan Mehmed II, led the attack. Byzantine had an average of 10,000 men to defend it, the Turks on the other hand had anywhere between 100,000 and 150,000 men on their side. The takeover lasted fifty days. The Turks were very sly in their fighting tactics. They used massive cannons to demolish the walls, and used ships to block off the city’s sea fortress. They also used an immense amount of shock men to overrun Constantinople. At that start of 1453, Sultan’s army massed onto the Adrianople plain. Troops were deployed from every region of the Empire, about 150,000 men in all. Thirty percent were just in it for the looting, and were ready to attack. The other seventy percent were ‘regular troops’ and were well trained and ready. The Ottoman army in particular was composed of abducted, Christian children who were forcibly converted to the Islam religion, most of which were properly trained. They had bigger more advanced weapons, such as the cannon. The army began making its way towards Constantinople. The first week of April, the Ottoman troops made their way to their assigned places in front of Constantinople’s city walls. Sultan was stationed facing the Military Gate of St. Romanus. He ordered for his cannon to be placed fairly close to where he was stationed, so he had easy access to it. While they were taking places, approximately 200 ships were taking place out at sea around Constantinople ready for a sea takeover as well. As much as they tried, they couldn’t surround the entire walls of Constantinople, the wall stretched 14 miles around the capital. The Byzantine Empire prepared as best as they could. They stationed people by the
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