The Fall Of Atlanta Essay

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The Fall Of Atlanta After the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, the muddy roads dried, allowing Union Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman to return to his flanking strategy. On July 2, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston’s Confederate soldiers abandoned their Kennesaw lines for other prepared defenses at Smyrna and then the Chattahoochee River, only to have the larger Union army do around them each time. President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, dissatisfied with Johnston’s retreats, replaced him with the combative Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood. With the Union army closing in on Atlanta, Hood went on the offensive with his beleaguered Confederate army. This is the marker quoting. The Fall of Atlanta marker is located near the top of Kennesaw Mountain. This marker represents the civil war era and was one of the most important events that occurred during the civil war. During the Civil war the United States was split into two sides, the Union and the Confederacy. The president of the Union was Abraham Lincoln, while Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederacy. The Union had a far greater army and had more supplies than the confederacy. After retreating across Tennessee, Confederate General Braxton Bragg turns to fight at Chickamauga Creek where he inflicts a terrible defeat on the army of Union General Rosecrans. The Union army is besieged in Chattanooga and Lincoln replaces Rosecrans with Ulysses S. Grant. Under Grant, the Union army breaks the siege and then turns Chattanooga into the base for an advance into Georgia. May 1864. The situation in the west is that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s army has broken the confederate siege of Chattanooga in the battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge. Grant is promoted to head all union armies and moves to Washington DC to prepare to

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