The Falkalnd Island Essay

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Anglo-Argentinean Conflict and Negotiation over the Falkland Islands Sovereignty A Conflict Resolution Approach Business Negotiation and The Resolution of Conflict Final Report 8/1/2011 On April 1982, the Argentinean troops, responding to a mandatory request from the Military Government, invaded the Falkland Islands leading to a war between Argentina and Great Britain and determining the ending of 150 years peaceful negotiations attempts. Just a few months after the war started, Great Britain won the war. At this point, Argentina entered into a full democracy period that has not ended, but it also entered in the most frustrated negotiation process over the Falkland Islands. It is necessary to start with the history of the Islands in order to understand this conflict. Also, it is important to highlight the before and after of the war Great Britain’s predisposition to the sovereignty negotiation issue. More important, the current and past few years’ facts indicate that the sovereignty dispute over the Falkland Islands is far from getting resolved since the 1982 war jeopardized any possibility of bringing Great Britain to the negotiation process. In this academic exercise, the exposure of facts and examples are put together to demonstrate that there is a solution to the sovereignty issue, but to also demonstrate that the implementation of this solution can and probably should go beyond our life time. Falkland Islands Settlement and Sovereignty Claims History The history of the dispute over the Falkland Islands, Malvinas for the Argentineans, is extensive and it includes periods of occupation by both nationalities. The Falkland Islands were first reported in 1690 by British Elizabethan navigators: however, no permanent settlement was created. France rediscovered the Islands seventy five years later and gave it to the Spanish crown that sent

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