The Failure of the Taris Project Was Inevitable.

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The failure of the Taris project was inevitable. The novel Juno of Taris by Fleur Beale demonstrates that an inquisitive individual living in such an enclosed, domed society is bound to get them to start asking questions. When the Tarian civilization is run by five stubborn, close minded people who insist on keeping secrets from their people, a rebellion is certain to rise when all the hidden truths are spoken. Technology is a major reason Taris functions but when communication with the outside world is refused and technology is not updated, it causes their world to malfunction. People are born with a curious nature to want to know everything. By having such strict rules and limited freedom to what they can do is guaranteed to have the citizens of Taris demanding answers to their endless stacks of questions. When Juno asks simple questions such as “Why can’t we grow our hair?” She is withdrawn from. If a person cannot tell her the answer then of course she is going to think there is something suspicious happening or something is being hidden from her. To have such significant secrets hidden from the Tarian society would eventually cause the breakdown of the culture and rebellion would start. The first out break out rebellion started when Vima refused to have her head shaved, once she had announced that sudden statement gradually more people started refusing having their heads shaved therefore ‘joining the rebellion’. If the Governance Companions had answered their questions with a fully explained, reasonable answer this may not have happened. Updated technology on Taris is vital. If they want to prevent the collapse of Taris, they must have everything updated. On their society next to everything is controlled by science, the environment, the weather, the reproduction of babies and the schools. Without it Tarians would be bewildered. At times the technology has
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