The Fading Of Fashion - Satire Essay

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The Fading of Fashion Fashion is a demotic trend in dresses, jeans, shirts and behavior. It grows on a person and then spread onto others whom start to adapt from what "unique" people are wearing nowadays. Trending is like an eye disease, he or she glances at a style, then tries to wear it on their own way which becomes a complete mess. The word "original" no longer have any meaning. The increase of homosexuals and the opposite of attraction is rising because of the way our society is dressed! The most popular trend are skinny jeans, they were first made for women in the late 1800s' and it is still a popular until today. The reasons why fashion is slowly dying is becuase men are wearing skinny jeans. Since when did men become more feminine by mocking in more of the female's clothing? Men wearing skinny jeans wonder why they cannot get attetion from females or why they are not attracted to them. It is becuase of their amateur look and feminess. A Woman wants a man. Men's fashion trend in particular, evolves around fitted pants such as the boot leg or cargo type and fitted jeans that smoothes out their pleasant buns to give out that masculine look. The classy look for gentlemen look is always a plus! Women do not want a man who's butt cheeks are half hanging out and walking like they have a stick up their buttox and we sure don't want to see any camel toe. In the fashion industry, very skinny men, mostly feminine, walks on the runway in skinny jeans like it is a natural thing to do unlike penguins. If I was a man and I saw a person wearing skinny jeans, I would examine him and wonder who sexy legs it could be, but when that person turns around and you notice it is a straight man, I would be terrified and yet, still be attracted becuase the skinny jeans actually seem nice on their tight masculine legs, that most women would want.

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