The Facebook Effect Essay

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The Facebook Effect Wake up. Check the news feed. Eat breakfast. Update status. Get ready for the day. Check status for comments. Leave for school or work. Leave comment on status. Arrive at work or school. Update status again complaining about current situation. Repeat each day. Facebook has changed our culture in so many ways. It has changed how someone sees their social status, the definition of a real friend, how we meet new people, how we voice are opinions, and most importantly the way everyone communicates. During this day in age we have internet access at our finger tips via Smartphones, high speed internet access, and wireless hotspots all over school campuses and restaurants. Text messaging and social networking have replaced phone calls and face to face conversations. Although both of these have had an impact on our lives and culture, social networking has had the biggest. Using the film The Social Network, and South Park’s episode, “You Have Zero Friends,” I will discuss how Facebook has changed American Pop culture. Few of us are old enough to remember the days when having Internet access in our home was a privilege. For those of us who were lucky enough to have internet can probably remember the distinct sound of the computer dialing up to connect. Being able to afford the type of computer that could even connect to the digital world wasn’t always possible. Many forms of digital communication have come and gone, yet none have had such an impact on our culture as communication over the internet, and even more distinctly to today, communicating through social networking. In the past, forms of communication were limited to phone calls, letter writing, and better yet, a personal, face-to-face conversation. When the Internet became more widely available new forms of communication became available known as email and instant

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