The Extinction Of A Nation Essay

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The Extinction Of A Nation The land of America was untouched by the civilization world but is it right to remove the people whom had a life on an existing past generations or is it every men for themselves using survival of the fittest. The arguments in favor of Indian removal are intended to reduce conflict between the white men and red men. The first argument from the First Annual Address to Congress said the Indian would have to voluntary migrated to the west of the Mississippi River. The Indians that chose follow orders will be free from the civilize people and to live at peace as they were once before. If they accepted the offer, they would have the doubt to self-government their own tribes with no interference from the United States government. For their own benefit to maintain a separate existence, where they can be at liberty to do so without the inconveniences and vexation to which they would unavoidably have been subject in Alabama and Mississippi. Secondly, The strange characters and habits of the Indian nation could not live in coexist with the white men and their civilization of a modern society. The white men said that the red men were wild, fierce, and irreclaimable as if they were animals from the wilderness that are impossible to be domesticated. The red men will never become civilized like the white men and with no solution on both side can agree on the result to keep both parties separated from each other. For the Indian tribes, they have to start a new life living in a remote area. Third, the land from the viewpoint of a white man eyes sees that there are much potential in great wealth and comfort to millions of people worldwide. In this imagination by the white men, he see profitable margin with the resources that the land acquire. To cultivate the landmass into civilization, improve a country, and open new opportunity to create and

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